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The Point-of-Care ultrasound fellowship is a one-year commitment that includes clinical education, didactics, clinical research, ultrasound billing and documentation.

Clinical education- All fellows perform 72 hours of clinical duties in the Emergency Department. This includes evaluating, treating and managing patients in our level 1 trauma center Emergency Department. Fellows can work shifts without resident physicians but will primarily supervise residents while working clinically. Fellows will also have an opportunity to work clinically on Catalina Island at our critical access Emergency Department.

Didactics- Fellows have the opportunity to take part in weekly ultrasound lectures held jointly between the Pulmonary/Critical Care Department, Cardiology Department, Internal Medicine Department, Trauma Surgery Department and Emergency Department. Fellows also have the opportunity to teach ultrasound to medical students and residents at monthly ultrasound training sessions held in our state-of-the-art simulation center.

Clinical research- All fellows become immersed in clinical research during their fellowship year. We have between 5-10 active ED ultrasound research projects at all times. Each fellow is required to launch a new research project during their fellowship. On average, each fellow publishes 3-4 manuscripts per year and presents research projects at national and international conferences during this time.

Billing and documentation- By the end of fellowship, fellows are expected to become experts on the billing and documentation of ultrasound in the Emergency Department. Our department has been archiving, documenting and billing for POCUS for over 15 years. We are constantly updating our procedure templates and creating new ones for new applications.

Lastly, the salary for ultrasound fellows is $80,000 per year for 72 hours per month of clinical duties. Additionally, there is a $3,000 educational stipend which may be used for travel to conferences, or equipment purchases. All fellows are required to scan 1,000 patients for successful completion of fellowship. For any questions regarding our fellowship, please contact ED Ultrasound Director, Shadi Lahham MD, MS at