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The Point-of-Care International Ultrasound Fellowship was established in July 2003 to promote expertise in diagnostic ultrasound performed at the bedside. The training at UC Irvine takes a four-pronged approach to train the international fellow to become a true expert in image acquisition, image interpretation, research, and instruction.

The international fellowship curriculum is comprised of comprehensive of diagnostic ultrasound techniques, rigorous teaching responsibilities, scientific investigation and administration.

During the one-year international fellowship, the fellow has the following research, teaching, and scanning requirements:

  • RESEARCH: The research requirement stipulates that a minimum two projects must be on-going during the fellowship.  The fellows will be present at the weekly research meetings in which over 20 IRB approved projects are currently collecting data.  Fellows are expected to present their findings at the various national conferences throughout the year (ACEP, SAEM, AIUM, SUSME, WCUME).
  • JOURNAL CLUB: Each month the latest ultrasound literature is reviewed at ultrasound journal club.  The fellow will present 2 articles per month and participate in the discussion of the other articles.
  • TEACHING: Teaching duties include bedside instruction to the residents and medical students, as well as creating 10 podcasts throughout the year.
  • SCANNING: In order to learn the psychomotor skill of image acquisition, the international fellow is required to perform about 100 ultrasounds per month (minimum 1000 per year). The scans are performed in the medical education building on standardized patients and live ultrasound models.
  • SIMULATION: Additionally, fellows are required to take full advantage of our broad array of pathology based ultrasound simulation equipment amounting to over 1000 cases of actual ultrasounds from patients with pathology.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE: All ultrasounds in the department of emergency medicine are recorded in digital 6 second clips.  Each week the fellows sit with Dr. Fox to review 100% of the ultrasounds performed in the ED.  This equates to approximately 200 scans per week so that by year’s end, the fellow will have reviewed approximately 10,000 ultrasound videos containing a wide array of pathology.

Upon graduation, the international fellow is expected to obtain licensure from the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

To begin your fellowship application and to answer any questions you can contact

Shadi Lahham MD, MS
Assistant Clinical Professor of EM
Director of Emergency Ultrasound
Assistant Residency Program Director
UC Irvine Health