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Fellowship Programs

UC Irvine's School of Medicine Department of Emergency Medicine offers fellowship training to well-qualified physicians in the subspecialties of ultrasound, emergency medical/disaster and education. These programs emphasize both clinical training and research.

To apply to any of the fellowships, please submit the following:

  1. A letter of intent
  2. Your CV
  3. 3 letters of recommendation (submitted electronically)

Ultrasound Fellowship
We are very excited about our elective in Emergency Ultrasound. Over the past decade, the clinical application of ultrasound by emergency physicians has greatly expanded. Emergency Physicians have adopted ultrasound to advance the timely and accurate evaluation and treatment of the acute patient. In 1994 the first emergency medicine ultrasound curriculum was published. It is a broadly written document that divides ultrasound into abdominal, pelvic and cardiac applications, and describes the many uses of ultrasound in emergency practice. Since this landmark publication, the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) has mandated that performance and interpretation of ultrasound imaging is included in emergency medicine residency training. While the quality of this training varies from residency to residency, one this is clear: nearly all EM residencies have added formal education in ultrasound in their curriculum, and emergency ultrasound is here to stay. More Info>>

Emergency Medicine/Disaster Medicine Fellowship
The UC Irvine School of Medicine fellowship in EMS/DMS consists of a one-year or two-year, post-graduate program designed to provide education and experience in out-of-hospital emergency medical systems, disaster medicine, international emergency medicine and the management of public health emergencies. During training, the EMS/DMS fellow will have duties and responsibilities not only with the emergency department, but also with the community. During the two-year EMS/DMS program, fellows will obtain formal advanced training toward a master's degree. in Public Health, Public Administration, or Business Administration, due to the growing need to understand EMS/DMS in a broader public perspective. More Info>>

Faculty Development and Education Fellowship
The University of California Irvine, Department of Emergency Medicine (EM) is accepting applications for its two-year Faculty Development and Education Fellowship. This fellowship has been created for EM residency graduates to prepare them for an academic career. This fellowship is open to both US and International graduates. 

Faculty Development and Education Fellowship (U.S. Applicants)
Faculty Development and Education Fellowship (International Applicants)

Simulation Fellowship

The UC Irvine Emergency Medicine Simulation Fellowship is a one year mentored fellowship that offers advanced training in simulation teaching, curriculum design, educational program implementation, study design, and research for a graduate of an accredited Emergency Medicine residency program.  A two-year track is available for those applicants in pursuit of an advanced degree. More Info>>