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Western Journal of Emergency Medicine

Integrating Emergency Care With Populations Health

The Western Journal of Emergency Medicine: Integrating Emergency Care with Population Health (WestJEM) is published by the Department of Emergency Medicine at UC Irvine School of Medicine.

WestJEM's editor-in-chief is Dr. Mark Langdorf, clinical professor of Emergency Medicine. The Department of Emergency Medicine is a major sponsor of the premier open-access MEDLINE-indexed journal. Its full texts are available at eScholarship by the University of California, PubMed and PubMed Central.

Emergency medicine is a specialty that closely reflects societal challenges and consequences of public policy decisions. The emergency department specifically deals with social injustice, health and economic disparities, violence and substance abuse, as well as disaster preparedness and response.

WestJEM focuses on how emergency care affects the health of a community and its population, and, conversely, how societal challenges affect the composition of the patient population seeking care in the emergency department. The development of better systems to provide emergency care, including technology solutions, is critical to enhancing population health.

WestJEM publishes six full-text online issues and four print compilation issues each year for the sponsoring societies and subscribing departments.