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EMRAP Academic Curriculum


To train undergraduate research associates in the methodology and skills of clinical and epidemiological research. 


The undergraduate research associates will become experienced in studying, practicing, and composing clinical research.  The research associates mission will be accomplished through a series of lectures presented by faculty speakers and team-based tasks.  

Curriculum Goals »

1. To be familiar with clinical research methodology, statistical analyses, and design.

2. To learn how to submit an undergraduate research grant proposal, present research talks, and to write a manuscript.

3. To be familiar with other facets of healthcare and how other health professions facilitate medical care and treatment.

Curriculum Objectives  »

Upon completion of academic program, the research associate will be able to:

  1. Generate a hypothesis and study design
  2. Conduct a literature search
  3. Have a knowledgeable understanding of clinical epidemiology
  4. Understand how the Institutional Review Board (IRB) operates and how to submit new clinical studies
  5. Compose a research grant proposal
  6. Present a scientific talk
  7. Have an introductory understanding of biostatistics
  8. Successful perform the methodology required for clinical research
  9. Write a manuscript
Curriculum Schedule »

Session/ Quarter



Complete A Written Free-Response Assessment


Submit the UROP Grant Proposal


Deliver an Oral Presentation


Participate in UCI Excellence in Research & UROP Programs

Faculty Speakers »
  • Dr. Ellena Peterson

    • Topic: Medical School Dean’s Perspective on Medical School Admissions

    • Goal/Objective: To gain a deeper insight into particular details of the medical school application process that are often overlooked by students.

  • Dr. Uzor Ogbu

    • Topic: Writing a Research Grant Proposal

    • Goal/Objective: To learn how to effectively write a research grant proposal to receive funding for clinical research projects.

  • Dr. Said Shokair

    • Topic: Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)

    • Goal/Objective: To be exposed to various summer research opportunities and interdisciplinary programs funded by UC Irvine.

  • Dr. Bharath Chakravarthy

    • Topic: Designing Clinical Research

    • Goal/Objective: To learn the basics of designing a clinical research study, taking into account five important aspects: feasibility, interest, novelty, ethics, and relevance.

  • Dr. Craig Anderson

    • Topic: Introduction to Statistical Analyses in Clinical Research

    • Goal/Objective: To learn common statistical tests, programs, and criterion common to clinical research.

  • Dr. Robert Katzer

    • Topic: The Affordable Care Act

    • Goal/Objective: To learn how the Affordable Care Act impacts medical care, and to gain a basic understanding in how health policy and medical care are intertwined.

  • Dr. Warren Wiechmann

    • Topic: Integrating Technology and Medicine

    • Goal/Objective: To learn how recently developed technologies could facilitate and improve medical care.

  • Dr. Eric McCoy

    • Topic: Introduction to Epidemiology

    • Goal/Objective: To learn about the historical basis of epidemiology, and how it impacts future public health policies and decisions.

  • Speaker: Susan Schafer

    • Topic: Biological Sciences Excellence in Research Program

    • Goal/Objective: To learn how to participate in UCI School of Biological Sciences’ most extensive research program.

  • Dr. Kristi Koenig

    • Topic: Disaster Medicine

    • Goal/Objective: To gain exposure into a subspecialty of medicine, including aspects relating to disaster preparing, planning, and response.

  • Dr. Jeffrey Suchard

    • Topic: Institutional Review Board

    • Objective: To understand the process in which clinical studies are approved by the IRB, and to learn how medical ethics influences these decisions.

  • Dr. Megan Osborn

    • Topic: Structuring a CV

    • Objective: To learn how to effectively format a curriculum vitae (CV) in terms of educational background, awards/honors, work/research experiences, and original abstracts/article citations.

  • Dr. Mark Langdorf

    • Topic: The Western Journal of Emergency Medicine

    • Objective: To gain insight into the basic overview of a journal, including: original article review, editing, and submission.
  • Dr. Christian Fox

    • Topic: Medical Career Pathways
    • Goal/Objective: To gain a greater understanding of various career options within the field of medicine.

  • Linda Suk-Ling Murphy

    • Topic: Conducting a Literature Review

    • Goal/Objective: To learn about the different types of literature reviews, as well as accessing appropriate resources and tools from UCI Libraries for research use.
  • Dr Shahrdad Loftipour

    • Topic: How to Make a Poster Presentation & UROP Budget
    • Goal/Objective: To learn about how to create a professional research poster, as well as manage financial budgets for research conferences.

Assignments »
  • Summer Quarter:

    • Assignment/Task: Written Free Response Assessment

    • Aim: Research Associates will be assessed on our ongoing research studies, in terms of study design, inclusion/exclusion criteria, enrollment procedure, and sample size.

  • Fall Quarter:

    • Assignment/Task: UROP Grant Proposal

    • Aim: Research Associates will learn how to submit an undergraduate research grant proposal to receive funding for their research studies.

  • Winter Quarter:

    • Assignment/Task: Delivering an Oral Presentation

    • Aim: Research Associates will present an effective oral presentation on relevant clinical studies and learn how to conduct a literature search.

  • Spring Quarter:

    • Assignment/Task: UCI Excellence in Research & UROP Programs

    • Aim: Research associates will participate in the UCI Excellence in Research Program, which includes presenting a scientific talk, conducting a poster presentation, and writing a manuscript. In addition, research associates will participate in the UROP Symposium.